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"I would recommend Dr. Rosin! If you are reading this wondering if you should do Lasik, I was in your spot! I shopped at many places and Dr. Rosin was the best choice, so don't go any further! Thank you Dr. Rosin!!"

Dr. Rosin made me feel comfortable. The phone call after surgery is great patient care!

Thanks for everything, I am very satisfied!

Dr. Rosin has been more than accommodating with follow-up appointments. I truly appreciate everything!

I love the choice I made to do the Lasik Surgery! Thank you!

I would absolutely recommend Rosin Eyecare! I cannot say enough for Dr. Rosin's knowledge and willingness to share it. I knew I was in good hands the entire way through. Thank you!

Dr. Rosin was very informative and patient as he listened to my questions. The walking me through step by step prior to eye surgery was awesome!

Thank you for taking great care of me!

Thank you for the excellent care. I'm thrilled with the results!

Thank you, I love not wearing contacts anymore.

Dr. Rosin was wonderful. I appreciated the way he walked me through the surgery, it helped me relax and be aware of what was going on. Great Experience!

I would recommend Dr. Rosin! If you are reading this wondering if you should do Lasik, I was in your spot! I shopped at many places and Dr. Rosin was the best choice, so don't go any further! Thank you Dr. Rosin!!

Dr. Rosin was very professional! A great doctor! Thank you!

Dr. Rosin was great, definitely lived up to the word-of-mouth reputation. I felt very comfortable and confident with him.

Best decision I ever made! Sorry I waited so long. Dr. and staff were very professional and friendly. Fantastic Experience.

As nervous as I was, the entire staff, Dr. Rosin, Dr. Adlfinger and Jessica made me feel comfortable.

Dr. Rosin was awesome on the day of surgery. Jessica is the best - friendly, smart, professional!

Dr. Rosin is an outstanding doctor. He's easy to talk to and very down to earth. I wish more doctors were like him!

The personal care and attention to detail is what really sold me. I appreciate the honest and true care for my well being.

Thanks so much, you have changed my life!

Dr. Rosin is a very good doctor and I will recommend him to my colleagues.

Thanks for the great service! The procedure has changed my life and I am very grateful!

Dr. Rosin and Jessica were outstanding! Thank you!

The whole experience was so professionally and carefully handled that it made an otherwise scary procedure go perfectly! The results have been amazing. Thank you!

Great work Dr. Rosin and staff! Dr. Rosin talks you throughout the procedure which allows you to relax and know exactly what's going on. Thanks!

Thank you so very much I feel like a whole new person. I still cannot believe how great it is to be free from glasses and/or contacts. Once again, thank you! Your staff is great as well as you, Dr. Rosin!

Superb every step of the way!

Great experience! Thank you Jessica and Dr. Rosin!

I decided to have Lasik at Rosin Eyecare after my consultation with Dr. Rosin. He was very friendly and spent the time to make sure all my questions were answered. Great customer service and excellent results! A+

3 months later, I remain amazed! I would recommend this procedure and especially Dr. Rosin to anyone. Thanks!

Dr. Rosin had a wonderful bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable.

Excellent post operative care. Friendly, informative and sensitive. Many thanks!

Everything is first class! Love the way things are explained before it happens. Good job on the encouragement during the procedure.

It is like a miracle, thank you again!

I would highly recommend Rosin Eyecare to everyone! My experience with Dr. Rosin and the entire Rosin staff was wonderful. Everything was explained to me in great detail which made my procedure so much more comfortable and relaxing. Now I have better than 20/20 vision. Thanks!!!

Dr. Rosin was great, he gave me a lot of confidence and he is a very educated person!

Always top notch, thank you for everything!

My eyes and I are very happy. Thank you!

I recommended Rosin Eyecare for Laser Vision Correction to all of my friends and family. This was truly an amazing experience. Thank you!

Thank you! I can see!

I feel the comfort and stress free consultation by Dr. Rosin is the best I have seen. I am glad I did Lasik but felt even better with Dr. Rosin.

Everything was phenomenal! You could not ask for a better staff.

Excellent!! Excellent!! Thanks for all of your extra care!

Very professional staff and service. Would highly recommend.

Dr. Jonathon Rosin has always been extremely accommodating!

Every person I dealt with during all of my visits was super nice, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!

Dr. Rosin did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable prior and during the procedure by answering all questions and asking numerous times during the procedure if I was comfortable. I am recommending him to everyone I know who is considering Lasik. Thank you!

Dr. Rosin was very honest about what corrective procedure I should opt for based on certain risk factors. I appreciated the time he took to explain everything so I was educated before making a decision. Thanks!

I felt Dr. Rosin was very informative in disclosing the details of the entire process so I knew what to expect during and after surgery.

I was so impressed with the staff and service at Rosin. Everyone was friendly, well informed, and professional which made me feel confident and secure with my decision to have Lasik. I wish all of my doctors were as wonderful!

Excellent service. I am so happy I can see and not have to put contacts in every morning. Thank you.

The Chicago Tribune Article in the pre-op waiting area calmed me and prepared me for exactly what I would experience during the 7 minute procedure. I recommend Dr. Rosin to everyone interested.

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Rosin and his staff. I will refer everyone I know to him. He is an excellent doctor, thank you very much!

All staff were extremely helpful and considerate throughout my experience. They walked me through my surgery which eased my anxiety and I was always aware of what was happening. My new eye sight is fantastic and I am so glad I made the decision to do my surgery with Dr. Rosin.

Dr. Rosin and the staff were terrific. I woke up the next morning seeing the world through new eyes. I wish I would have done this years ago!

I felt Dr. Rosin was incredible in the way he walked me through the whole experience! Very highly recommended!

My Lasik experience was better than I expected. The staff was so nice and informative.

I would welcome being in a picture with Dr. Rosin to be displayed with others "INCREDIBLE" is how I would describe my eyes and experience.

I felt very secure heading into surgery. Dr. Rosin answered every question with a smile and fully explained everything I wanted to know. Time to take these new eyes out for a spin!

I would absolutely without a doubt recommend Dr. Rosin for Laser Vision Correction. The results are amazing. Thanks!

Great experience. Excellent follow-up care. Dr. Rosin is wonderful, I felt like I was in great hands. He is the reason I would send anyone to Rosin. He makes people feel completely at ease, I wish all of my doctors were like him!

I have recommended Rosin Eyecare to my co-workers thinking about Lasik. Everything was great!

I have chronic dry eyes, which is why I wanted the surgery (I could not ever wear contacts). Dr. Rosin monitored my eyes both pre and post surgery...

I would definitely recommend Rosin Eyecare. Everyone was great. I was very nervous going in but felt much better after everything was done...

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. The whole process was easy, reassuring, convenient and wonderful...

Thank you! The entire process was great from beginning to end. I was particularly impressed with the initial consultation and the time Dr. Rosin took to explain everything and answer all of my questions...

I was most impressed with my whole experience. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and professional...

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