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Prompt, friendly, professional staff. Dr. Rosin took time to carefully evaluate my prescription which was more complicated than most and I never felt he was rushing. He is extremely knowledgeable. He did solve my problems and had me come back just to confirm all felt good at no charge and I felt he was truly concerned. I will definitely continue to obtain services at Rosin Eyecare for future annual checks."

Robin F.

I was in Chicago for work and figured I could get an appointment here. My experience was excellent. I was all checked out in less than one hour; the fastest and best service I have ever had. They also provided a price match and reduced the price on my contact lenses to the best offer I had found online. In addition, they made sure that I received all discounts and rebates that I was entitled to. Service overall was great!"

Anders S.

I LOVED my visit here. The young ladies at the desk were attentive and nice and answered all of my questions... The best visit with an optometrist that I have ever had! They had a nice variety of designer frames, I went with the hipster Ray Ban, but they have others that fit whatever style you have. I was in and out in about 30 or 40 minutes."

Glenn H.
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