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Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction in Chicago

Rosin Eyecare is dedicated to providing the best possible LASIK in Chicago. If you’ve been to any of our many locations, you already know just how dedicated we are in honoring the trust the community has placed in us for over eighty years. We offer two laser vision correction procedures: LASIK and PRK. LASIK is our most popular procedure. It’s painless and effective on all sight defects, from nearsightedness to farsightedness and astigmatism. Our procedures are all done by our doctors, Jonathan Rosin, M.D. and, Jihan Akhtar, M.D.

Life without glasses or contacts is possible with laser vision correction, schedule a complimentary consultation today!

What is LASIK?

LASIK is one of the most popular elective procedures in the history of medicine – that’s all!

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, better known as LASIK, is a type of out-patient eye surgery that can correct common vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. During a LASIK procedure, a physician will use an advanced laser to reshape the eye’s cornea. This improves the eye’s ability to refract light properly on the retina, which in turn, results in improved vision.

What can LASIK do for me?

People from a wide range of ages and lifestyles can all benefit from LASIK. Anyone who has had enough of bulky eyeglasses or irritating contact lenses is a potential candidate for LASIK. It’s no wonder that athletes who depend on crystal clear, hand-eye coordination seek out LASIK to correct their vision, time and time again. Also civil servants such as police officers and firefighters often opt for the corrective eye surgery that LASIK provides to help in their careers, as do many in the Armed Forces while they serve.

Why is LASIK so Popular in Chicago?

A modern LASIK procedure is incredibly efficient. Typically performed in less than 30 minutes, patients are sent home that day. While many report an improvement in their vision within hours of the procedure, the benefits that the LASIK surgeons at Rosin Eyecare in Chicago provide last a lifetime.

As the technology in LASIK has improved, so too has the procedure’s accessibility. Now it is easier than ever to receive laser eye surgery from the premier laser eye surgeons at Rosin Eyecare. Call us today to schedule a consultation where we can discuss all available options with you.

Safety and Results of LASIK

Many patients ask: “Is LASIK safe?” In fact, there is an incredibly low rate of complications involved with LASIK.

Before performing the procedure, Dr. Rosin will meet with the prospective patient to discuss their overall health, lifestyle preferences, profession, as well as their level of refractive error, which includes the degree of their nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism from which they suffer. After your initial consultation, Dr. Rosin will then create a personalized treatment plan specialized for your precise needs. Then after the surgery, the majority of patients recover within as little as a few days.

Affordability of LASIK in Chicago

A common misconception regarding LASIK centers on its affordability. You may be surprised at just how many prospective patients mistakenly assume LASIK to be cost-prohibitive and too expensive.

While each procedure and its costs are dependent upon the patient’s needs, Rosin Eyecare can typically provide the laser eye surgery Chicago residents have come to trust at a fraction of the cost of its local competitors.

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